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You haven't seen nothing yet, that is until you get a chance to take a crack at upland bird hunting at the new, yes that's right, the NEW Millstream Hunting Preserve located heart of Lebanon, CT farmlands. Millstream Hunting Preserve LLC, formerly located in Columbia has moved to a new and better location that will fit the hunting ability of just about every upland bird hunter in the northeast. But it is the terrain you will be hunting in that will absolutely blow you away.

Hundreds of acres of cornfields and hayfields loaded with natural cover and bordered by hedgerows that can only make your upland game hunt even better. Natural covers that will attract and hold birds border the fields and believe me, the fields are things of beauty.

I had a chance to view the new Millstream location at 55 York Road with owner Don Favry recently and believe me when I tell you it was mind-boggling. This new location is an upland bird hunter's dream come true.

Here in Connecticut, upland hunters are generally relegated to whatever is available when it comes to land for hunting upland birds like pheasants, Chukar partridge, Hungarian partridge and even the occasional Bobwhite quail. Whenever I happen to catch a video on pheasant hunting on the tube, the hunters are almost always in nice open fields covered with patches of corn or hay that the birds come flying out of and the shots are unobstructed by vegetation.

Well Connecticut hunters can have this opportunity as well, simply by going to Millstream Hunting Preserve and they will now be able to offer you various choices on the length or type of hunt you want to purchase. At the old Millstream you had two choices of what type of route you wanted to take to do your hunt, both of them in some pretty rugged cover.

At the New Millstream think of hunting the upland birds of your choice over a hunting route of your choice. It will definitely be an upland bird hunt that will not end up in the same old bird field time after time. I for one am looking forward to the upcoming season at the Millstream Hunting Preserve's new location. They will now be presenting upland bird hunting the way it should be.

And for those of you who have become used to the excellent goose, turkey, deer, rabbit and other types of hunting at Millstream, fear not, they still offer the best of all types of hunting for the serious hunter and it is an excellent spot to bring the kids, women and handicapped hunters and introduce them to the wonders of hunting at Millstream Hunting Preserve.

— Mike Roberts Member of New England Sports Writer's Association

"For the past 6 years, Millstream Preserve has provided an opportunity for me to spend exceptional time in the field with my family and friends. Don and his team work tirelessly to develop and maintain the natural habitat that hunters appreciate. With limited open areas hunt in Connecticut, few wild birds and reduced state stocking of pheasants, Millstream provides a great alternative for anyone wanting to spend some time with a good dog and a shotgun. Don's staff of guides are knowledgeable and committed to provide a quality hunting experience for every guest. Give Don a call and schedule a hunt."

Robert Davidson

"I've been hunting Millstream since 1997 when a coworker introduced me to Don. My son joined me at 15 in 1999 and we've hunted together every year since. The majority of our hunting has been upland bird but we've recently added turkey and will be adding goose and duck. Millstream is a great place to hunt, with terrain from open fields to tight woods, providing for a great challenging day. The guides and dogs are exceptional leaving no excuses for missing birds except the sun in your eyes, the wind or that dang tree jumping in the way. Don and his crew get to know you as a hunter and as a person. In my case they know that I'm not a big fan of venison so they make sure that there is at least one venison dish on the menu for all of my hunting meals! Both my son and I would recommend Millstream to anyone looking for a great hunting experience tailored to your specific needs. Enjoy!"

— Patrick Casey

For nearly a decade I've booked upland, waterfowl, and turkey hunts at Millstream. Friends, family, and business associates have joined me over the years for what I consider to be a premiere hunting experience-- the best in the Northeast. Millstream is a truly beautiful property that has been meticulously maintained and improved over the years. It's been my good fortune to see this property developed into a top quality preserve. Don Favry and his staff are knowledgeable outdoors-men and guides. They know wildlife, habitat management, gun-dogs, and how to guide top-notch hunts. They are truly a joy to be with. Great people, great pointer gun-dogs, beautiful land, action packed hunts. It's simply the best!

— Todd Stowell, Bolton, Connecticut

"We've been going to Millstream Preserve since it opened; it is a well-run operation on a beautiful piece of scenic Connecticut countryside. We've done upland bird hunting from Alaska to Uruguay to Zimbabwe, but for a classic New England upland hunt, Millstream is the place. All three of my sons got their introduction to hunting there, and being only 30 minutes from Hartford, it is very convenient to bring Hartford-area clients there for a quick 2 or 3 hour executive hunt. The best dogs and the best guides that I have encountered in a preserve setting are to be found at Millstream. Don's runs a great operation, and I recommend it highly."

— Steven Wilson New Britain, Conn.